• Mycropore Corporation is a leading provider
    of micro-contamination control products
    and solutions serving the semi-conductor
    and related micro-electronics industries

Mycropore works closely with wafer fabs, materials suppliers and equipment manufacturer’s to conceptualize, develop, test and launch ultra-high-purity products carefully. All products are evaluated carefully in Mycropore Application & Technology Development Laboratory (MATD). The state-of-the arts MATD lab is equipped with:

  • Utrahigh Purity Water with total metal spec 60-160 ppt.
  • Slurries LPC test station
  • Slurries and ISO test dust standards.
  • Slurries filter life-time test system.
  • Flow-DP test systems
  • SC1 high temp bath
  • SC2 high temp bath
  • SPM high temp bath
  • UHP solvent system

MATD Lab’s suite of advanced instruments and operated by competent and professionally trained staff.

BP / Integrity Test Millipore
Particle Challenge / Retention Test Stand
Particle Counter 40nm and below
Particle Sizer AccuSizer FX-NANO
ICP-MS PPB and PPT level