• Mycropore Corporation is a leading provider
    of micro-contamination control products
    and solutions serving the semi-conductor
    and related micro-electronics industries

Our global core team of dynamic, competent, customer and application-focus professionals has more than 100 years of filtration application experience, technology know-how and passion for the business.

  1. Mr Kenneth Wong
    More than 25 years of global business development, application and product management experience with Mykrolis, Entegris and Millipore. Key positions held previously include VP of Business Development, VP of Semiconductor Materials & Display, VP of Global Product Support, GM of Asia Manufacturing Facilities and Applications Specialist, SEA. Author of more than a dozen of filtration and contamination control patents.
  2. Mr Pony Ma
    18 years of experience in TFT flat panel, materials and advanced technology industries in Taiwan. In- depth filtration engineering experience and has worked with Mykrolis, Entegris and E-Ma International Corp.
  3. Mr Derrick Neo
    22 years of sales and general management experience, managing the Asia Pacific region, in the semiconductor, PCB and filtration industry. Key selling experience include the Donaldson and 3M filters.
  4. Mr Justin Hsu
    30 years of operations management experience in leading electronics manufacturing and Class 100 Clean Room standards of operation. Formerly the Operation Director of LG.Philips LCD (Shanghai) Co., Ltd and Logitech Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
  5. Mr HM Kim
    30 years of semiconductor equipment and filtration engineering experience with the semiconductor industry in Korea. Worked with Tylan General, Millipore, Mykrolis and Entegris.

MYCROPORE’s core competence comes from years of in-depth application-focus Millipore training and global support with customized local solutions.

Our capability and innovative approach has enabled us to choose from an array of materials and technologies that can be engineered or integrated to solve complex fluid separation challenges and at the same time achieve Green-Filtration TM solution.

Our customized solutions with patented nano fibre, micro fibre and membrane filtration offers equivalent performance as compared to superior brands such as Pall, Entegris-Mykrolis, 3M Cuno, GE Osmonics, Dominick Hunter and Sartorius.

MYCROPORE offers application-focus solutions enabling manufacturing competitiveness and economic sustainability for industries in a fast changing environment demanding more responsive and adaptable solutions.

With a combined global experience of more than 100 years among the core founders of the company, MYCROPORE works closely with key industries to offer

  • innovative solution and technology development that are enhanced by know-how and intellectual property;
  • integrative solution for micro-contamination control issues between heterogeneous manufacturing and metrology processes;
  • application-focus solution to cater to the needs of customization; and
  • competitive solution for lower costs alternatives.

“Patents and copyrights are the legal implementation of the base of all property rights: a man’s right to the product of his mind.”

Ayn RandAuthor of “Patents and Copyrights”

“Patent filing, the way to win customers and to protect innovation in a global competitive market.”

Mr Kenneth WongCEO of Mycropore Corporation

Patent Philosophy

With a combined global experience of more than 100 years among the core founders of the company, Mycropore patent philosophy is strategically aligned to both its strengths and the needs of the industry.

Every new product and application are derived out of a close working relationship with clients, focusing on solutions to drive higher productivity, improve yield and lower cost of ownership. Products are designed to work as a “plug-and- play” solution, fitting and integrating into existing production equipment without the need for equipment modifications, thereby reducing qualification time and risks. The final outcome is to produce only good products and technical solutions for longer term sustainability in a highly competitive industrial environment.

Patents have been obtained and filed in major markets including USA and Taiwan. Patents

  • Quick Connect Filter Design
  • Duo Media Composite Filter for industrial application
  • Duo Media Filter for slurry filtration
  • Prewet Method for slurry filtration
  • Packaging of prewet slurry filter
  • Two-Stage Filter Configuration for slurry filtration
  • Slurry Filter Configuration for higher performance
  • Manifold & Quick Connect Design for disposable photochemical filter
  • Cartridge Filter Design with space spacing key
  • PI Reservoir and Dispense System
  • Recycle Process of CuSO4
  • Equipment to Recycle CuSO4
  • Brush Mount Design
  • Catch Cup Design

For more information about Mycropore’s intellectual property rights, please contact investor relations online via www.mycropore.com

“We at Mycropore are committed to enhance customer satisfaction through the supply of high performance filtration solutions, competitive cost of ownership and on time delivery, with continuous improvement in our quality management system.”

We Will:

  1. Seek to understand Customers’ application requirements.
  2. Ensure our products and services meet agreed specifications.
  3. Comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  4. Continually strive to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction.
  5. Develop strong and lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers within the framework of clear contractual relationships.
  6. Continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

To realize the policy, our management is committed to providing adequate resources to support the Quality Management System.